WiserOwl Helps Businesses Recoup The $4.7 Trillion Lost Annually Due To Poor Customer Service

Contact Center managers are in the hot seat right now, and most don’t have the financial clarity they need to make fundamental operational decisions.

WiserOwl Announces Its Rebrand And Expanding Mission To Help US Businesses Recover The $4.7 Trillion Lost Each Year In Contact Centers From Poor Customer Service.

Columbus, Indiana, April 26, 2022 — WiserOwl (formerly Got/IT Software), a leading SaaS platform, announced today its rebrand and expanding mission to help businesses maximize the performance of their Contact Centers which have become critical components of today’s highly competitive market. Qualtrics estimates businesses lose $4.7 trillion annually due to poor customer service, and companies worldwide know that positive inbound engagement is a primary factor in customer satisfaction.


“More than 80 percent of consumers say they would switch to a competitor after more than one bad customer experience, which has put Contact Centers on the front line of corporate success right now,” said Robert Bradshaw, Founder/CEO of WiserOwl. “Contact Centers face more pressure than ever before to deliver flawless service. This is coming at a difficult time in which the pandemic has both increased call volume and driven employee churn to record levels. Contact Center managers are in the hot seat right now, and most don’t have the financial clarity they need to make fundamental operational decisions.”


The average Contact Center agent uses 8.6 different platforms to do their jobs which are seldom integrated. This makes it nearly impossible for Contact Center leaders to understand or manage their operations. WiserOwl’s innovative and non-disruptive solution connects across disparate technologies to deliver real-time financial clarity down to the agent and process level. This level of granular insight is essential to enabling daily operational decision-making, such as measuring agent performance, assessing process issues, and evaluating technological investments. Businesses that are serious about solving customer satisfaction issues need first to empower their teams to see the cost of their decisions. Without financial clarity, critical decisions are based on assumptions or proxy metrics that often lead to poor performance.


“WiserOwl bridges the gap between your workforce management software analytics and the financial contributions of your operation,” reports one client. “It identifies specific efficiency and financial opportunities in Contact Center operation to create instantaneous value generation.”


WiserOwl’s average performance gains for its Contact Center clients include:

  • 40% higher productivity
  • 30% less staff needed for the same volume of business
  • 92% sustained CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores


About WiserOwl:
Established in 2016 by industry experts, WiserOwl helps leadership better manage their contact center with a deeper understanding of the financial impact of decisions. Since Contact Center systems don’t speak to each other, financials are notoriously hard to track. WiserOwl gives today’s executives the ability to improve performance and save money by exposing the true financial impact of decision-making across the technology stack.