See the Economics of CX

Financial Efficiency Improves Decision Making

WiserOwl’s proprietary business intelligence algorithms report how much financial value you’re generating across all channels, teams, and technologies in near real-time.

In minutes you will see the financial and CX ROI for every channel, team, and queue down to the individual agent and technology investment, helping to dramatically improve decision success.

  • How do we know we are financially efficient? We need to prove we are generating the highest return for the money invested continuously.

  • How much of our budget is getting to the customer in the form of engagement?

  • How can we confirm and manage that we are creating more customer value than what we are spending?

The Results Speak for Themselves

“Gone are the days of solely relying on traditional contact center measures and KPI’s. We now have direct visibility to performance, its cost, and the cost of work done.”
— Contact Center Leader

In Under 12 Months

Agent Productivity

Boost in Agent Productivity

Decrease in Expenses

Decrease in Expenses

Turnover Reduction

Turnover Reduction

CSAT Improved


Forward Thinking Leaders Have Saved Over
$1 million per 100 Agents in Under 12 Months and Sustained Service Levels

Don't Try This At Home

Seeing your contact center in financially fact-based terms everyone can understand and trust requires absolute precision.

Akin to watchmaking, it’s more than just making every tiny gear and intricate mechanism align precisely. And in the complex environment that is your contact center, providing financial clarity requires more than just time and money.

WiserOwl’s innovative solution executes a precise “Order of Operations” that encompasses over 200 steps across multiple compute groups. Each step is critical both in terms of its inclusion and the order of execution. Variables such as tenure, salary, interaction volumes, routing logic, channels, queues, off-phone work (both human and technical), and process flows, are all precisely assembled to provide this needed financial clarity.

WiserOwl gives you these critical optics in seconds.
Just one misplaced step across any of the 200 steps will potentially result in a misleading financial perspective and wildly inappropriate decision making.

WiserOwl has seen numerous examples of well-meaning DIYers who have attempted to link their financial data to the existing operational data — with career ending results.

There is only one correct way to digest information and get this all-important financial data correct. This is not something that can be tackled by even the most competent contact center and reporting teams.

Only WiserOwl can give you these valuable insights into the true economics of the customer experience.

What People Love About WiserOwl

CX and contact center leaders value WiserOwl’s powerful business intelligence for 5 reasons:

  • RELEVANT. For more than 30 years people have been trying to see how financially efficient they are performing. WiserOwl has solved this overly complex and costly challenge.

  • FINANCIALLY FACT-BASED. A continuous 360 view of performance that explains how smartly results are achieved. How many dollars of CX value are you generating, and are you spending $0.50 to generate every $1.00 of value, or $1.50?

  • UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED. WiserOwl financial measures are understood, trusted, and managed by everyone from C-suite to agent.

  • IMPROVED REPUTATION. Strengthen both internal and vendor partner relations.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR PERFORMANCE. Eliminates false positives and negatives in today’s metrics e.g., such as when staff get a raise, but that makes cost per contact increase.

How WiserOwl Works

WiserOwl’s cloud-based solution that consumes raw data contained in your contact center and enterprise information systems (in .csv format) via secure and encrypted FTP.

Almost instantly, the WiserOwl engine then extracts and translates this data, where proprietary algorithms convert this ocean of unaffilliated information into the exact dollar value for every contact center metric you rely on everyday.

Access is provided through a secure interface accessible from any web-enabled device.

*To get started in 30 days without disruption and at no cost, WiserOwl only needs ACD data for up to 50 agents. To achieve such fast turnaround, data can be de-identified.

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