Contact Center Technologies Solve Most Problems With One Big Exception

For the last few decades, every industry has been going through what is called the digital transformation.


According to Deloitte, “digital transformation is all about becoming a digital enterprise—an organization that uses technology to continuously evolve all aspects of its business models (what it offers, how it interacts with customers and how it operates).” 


For call centers—now becoming contact centers—the digital transformation has definitely been a gamechanger. With new innovation, contact centers can now handle more inbound communication, more complex interactions, and more types of contacts than ever before. Without these advances in technology, contact centers would never be able to offer world-class customer service at the volume and velocity required in today’s business landscape.


Being an agent in modern contact centers means that you have to be very comfortable with using computer applications and hardware. In fact, the average contact center agent uses 8.6 different technologies each day to do their job.


The following are types of contact center tools, FYI, there are so many acronyms, it may start to sound like alphabet soup!

Automatic Call Distributor System (ACD)

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) analyzes incoming communication and distributes it based on rules that define how the calls are to be handled. The ACD is usually considered the hub of a contact center.


Email Response Management Systems (ERM)
An email response management system receives, acknowledges, analyzes, and organizes email inquiries submitted by customers.


Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)

If you’ve ever called a business and answered some initial questions from what you know to be a computer voice, you have talked to an IVR.


Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
The KMS is the agent’s go-to library of answers to frequently asked questions.


TTY/TDD Communication Services
Text Telephones (TTY), also known as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), are used by people with hearing and/or speech impairments to communicate.


Web Chat
Web chat platforms enable contact centers to handle text based inbound communications.


The challenge of so much technology

So, while innovations in contact center technology have taken this industry to new levels of capacity, there is one big challenge to all of these systems: they do not provide financial clarity to the business.


Without direct financial line of sight, decisions can be made that are actually counterproductive to success because decision-makers cannot clearly see through the false positives and negatives created by such measures as Cost-Per-Contact and Average Handle Time. What seems on the surface as a great idea could absolutely be proven inviable in just a few moments with this vital data at your fingertips. Conversely, what you may assume to be a bad idea may actually be the better course of action in the long run.


And with the future indicating contact centers will require more technology, it’s likely the average of 8.6 technologies used per day will go up — not down. And because many of these powerful tools cannot “talk to each other”, the ability for a contact center executive to optimize performance both financially and with great service is becoming ever more difficult.


WiserOwl solves this growing new challenge. Once implemented, contact center executives can see contact center metrics translated to their exact dollar value down to the individual agent and process. They see how financially efficient decisions will be before committing. Our SaaS solutions utilize raw data from any contact center system that can output data. We extract all that raw data, transform it, and then load it into the WiserOwl decision intelligence engine, delivering clear financial insights into contact center operations, continuously.


Once you see exactly how much and how efficiently money is working down to the agent and process level, you are able to make the most informed, data-driven decisions to manage your contact center performance to greater sustained success.


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