To Optimize Technology, Contact Centers Must Gain Financial Clarity

In today’s contact centers the average agent uses more than 8.5 platforms each day. Without these solutions, most contact centers would never be able to operate at the volume and velocity required to hit service levels.


But what is the most financially efficient way to optimize technology in contact centers?


When it comes to making the most financially smart decisions, one factor has been proven to make the difference: Financial Clarity.


what is Financial Clarity and why it matters

Financial Clarity is a crystal-clear view of the exact amount of money that makes it to the point of customer engagement across all channels, technologies, queues, and agents.


Financial Clarity tells you exactly how much each part of your contact center is utilizing technology investments and provides direct line of sight to hidden financial problems that undermine performance.


The stakes are meaningful. Without Financial Clarity, hidden financial problems cost contact centers over $1,000,000 for every 100 agents per year. And research conducted with contact centers ranging from 10 to more than 5,000 agents revealed that senior leaders all shared the same blue-sky desires:


  • They want the power to know the cost of problems before having to decide on solutions.
  • They want to be able to speak contact center operations in a financial language that senior leadership understands and trusts.
  • They want their managers to see the cost of their own decisions, and for them to take ownership for financial optimization.


This means there is significant value to be gained by contact center and IT viewing their operations through the lens of Financial Clarity.


Learn more about Financial Clarity

Today’s contact centers find themselves in the position of trying to preserve and improve the customer experience while saving money. Others have it even tougher as they try to support a growing business without spending more.


In WiserOwl’s report, learn how gaining Financial Clarity enables you to:


  • Intelligently break through performance barriers
  • Optimize technology stack decisions
  • Empower your workforce and retain more agents


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